Saman Abbas, the video of the men with shovels. The Brother’s Tale

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There are three people in the images. They have two shovels and a bucket, a crowbar and a bag. They probably prepare a pit. The images were made public by the Carabinieri and by the Reggio Emilia Public Prosecutor’s Office investigate the alleged murder of Saman Abbas. They are proof of what the family would have done to the girl who has not been heard of since the end of April. The three are headed for the fields behind the Novellara house where the girl lived. It is the evening of April 29th.

They will be back two and a half hours later.

Five people are being investigated for the murder of the 18-year-old who disappeared after refusing an arranged marriage with a compatriot in Pakistan. The suspects are the parents, two cousins ​​and an uncle. It would have been the latter, Danish Hasnain, feared by all in families, who organized everything. There is him in the frames together with two cousins ​​of the young woman including the one arrested in France, the only one so far among the suspects. The murder allegedly took place in the night between April 30 and May 1.

There are also images of that night because the owner of the cottage where the girl lived in Novellara had installed cameras against thieves. On the night of the alleged murder, the girl leaves the house with her parents. Only they will be returning.

The images of the previous night instead show the preparation. They confirm the premeditation and what was told by the brother of the girl of Pakistani origin. The father entrusts the uncle with the management of Saman, the punishment. The boy says that his uncle would have strangled her because he had nothing in his hand when he returned.

The story is on the Journal of Reggio. Danish Hasnain he would tell Saman’s parents to go home. “Now I’ll take care of it.” It is always the boy to say that the father is feeling bad. “She started crying, she was about to faint for my sister.” However, he cannot do anything because his uncle would be capable of killing everyone. The parents go to Pakistan, he stays with his uncle who threatens him by telling him not to talk to the carabinieri and does not tell him where his sister is buried.

The girl had told her boyfriend to call law enforcement if he didn’t hear from her for 48 hours. He understood that the messages between his family and him uncle they talk about her. “I heard it with my own ears, I swear they were talking about me.”

There is no trace for now of the body of the young woman who the prosecutor considers dead. In the next few days the electromagnetometer could be used, which is also used in archaeological research. A further confirmation of the premeditation would be the booking of tickets to leave Italy, made on April 26. Only for the other family members, not for Saman.

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