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Samantha Jones is back! Kim Cattrall will be in the 2nd season of “And Just Like That”

Good news for “Sex and the City” fans!

According to “Variety” magazine, Kim Cattrall will make a small appearance in the second and final season of the spin-off “And Just Like That”, bringing her character, Samantha Jones, back.

According to a source for the publication, this does not mean the official return of the character to the world of “Sex and The City”, and yes, just a single scene in which she recorded separately from all the rest of the cast, including Sarah Jessica Parker. (Carrie Bradshaw), and series showrunner Michael Patrick King.

The scene in question was recorded in New York on March 22, and will portray a conversation between the character and Carrie over the phone. It is worth remembering that, in the first season of production, Samantha Jones was only mentioned by the character of Jessica Parker, through a text message marked to be the reconciliation of the two.

Designer Patricia Field, from “Sex and The City”, dressed Cattrall for her participation in the episode, even though she is not part of the ‘And Just Like That’ team.

Kim’s return in the role of Samantha was a surprise to fans since, in 2016, the artist stated that she no longer intended to play the character after feeling offended by the lack of justice by the scriptwriters with Samantha in the third film of the franchise, according to Publication.

On the web, netizens were euphoric with the news and are celebrating.

“The fact that Samantha Jones is back in 2023 is very iconic,” said one fan.

  • “And out of the blue, Samantha Jones is going to save the show again”

Season 2 of “And Just Like That” arrives on HBO Max on June 22.

Source: CNN Brasil

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