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Samsung Pro Endurance microSD cards can last up to 16 years

Yesterday, Samsung introduced UFS 4.0 memory for smartphones, and today announced the Pro Endurance line of microSD memory cards.

Samsung Pro Endurance microSD cards can last up to 16 years

These are more durable memory cards designed primarily for surveillance cameras and DVRs. Such a specific purpose is due to the ability of the cards to work continuously up to 16 years! Samsung says that’s the equivalent of 33 regular memory cards focused primarily on data transfer speeds.

The need for durable, high performance video surveillance solutions continues to grow, and Pro Endurance cards have been designed to meet this demand. Consumers and business users alike can rest assured that our new memory card will provide continuous, high-resolution recording even under extreme conditions.

At the same time, the speeds here are quite normal: up to 100 MB / s for reading and up to 40 MB / s for writing. The cards meet UHS 3 and V30 ratings.

When it comes to card security, Samsung says it’s six times more durable. The cards are protected from water, electromagnetic and X-ray radiation, extreme temperatures, and are also resistant to wear and tear and are not afraid of falling. The new cards are available in capacities ranging from 32GB to 256GB, with prices ranging from $11 to $55.

Source: ixbt

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