Sana Marin: What she responds to after the backlash for the video of the party where she drinks and dances

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They caused great reactions in Finland video with the 36-year-old prime minister Sana Marin drinking, dancing and singing at parties. The Finnish prime minister defended herself during the summer meeting of the Social Democratic Party’s parliamentary group.

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As Sana Marin said, the videos are private and were filmed at a private residence a few weeks ago. The prime minister said she knew she was being filmed but believed the videos would remain private.

“I’m upset that these videos have been made public. They were about me having a night out with friends. I’m partying – even going crazy – dancing and singing,” said Sana Marin.

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After the party the evening continued at two more bars in Helsinki, Marin continued but declined to comment on who may have leaked the videos.

“Personally, I didn’t do drugs, nor did I consume anything other than alcohol. I danced, sang and partied – totally legit stuff. And I have never been in a situation where I have seen or known others [να χρησιμοποιούν ναρκωτικά]he clarified.

“I want to show that uthere are ordinary people with ordinary lives in these positions. I have a family life, I have a professional life and i have free time to spend with my friends. Basically like a lot of people my ageconcluded the Finnish prime minister.

Source: News Beast

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