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Sanchez says ‘no’ to PP leader Feijo’s offer to back his party for two-year government term

The Acting Prime Minister of Spain, the Socialist Pedro Sanchezrejected on Wednesday (8/30) a proposal by Popular Party (PP) leader Alberto Nunez Feijo to support his party, which won the election, for a two-year government term.

Feijo is trying to gather support in the lower house to try to get a vote of confidence on September 27 for the government he is expected to form, as his party did not secure the necessary majority in the election.

In a meeting they had earlier today, the leader of the PP, as reported by the Athens News Agency, asked Sanchez, leader of the Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) of Spainto support him in exchange for policy deals.

“Unfortunately, what I secured, as I understand it, is a no”Feijo told reporters after their meeting.

Source: News Beast

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