Sangiovanni, Lost in the dark is the song with Madame

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He was still inside Maria De Filippi’s school when she was already cheering for him. Same city of origin (Vicenza), same age or almost (he 18, she 19), same recording studio, that of the producer Bias, in which they know each other. Madame, who at the registry office is Francesca Calearo, immediately thinks that he is a talent out of the ordinary and does not hide it, not even on social media. Sangiovanni, or Giovanni Damian immediately trusts her. He, who almost never trusts anyone.

One year after he entered the school of Friends which earned him second place, when it is as if he had won considering the numbers of his first songs (16 platinum discs in a few months, where Malibu is the most listened to song of all 2021), and an eighth place in Sanremo for her, with Voice, as well as the Targa Tenco win for best debut album and best song, finally join their voices. On November 12 it comes out Lost in the dark (Sugar Music), their first feat, awaited for months by those who follow them.

The anger in the eyes, the wanting to let go, the rain, the goodbyes, the darkness that they both know. She who has repeatedly declared it, in that anxiety that eats you from within and that perhaps brings out the words and the art or perhaps she is just a travel companion to accept. He, introverted, who finds it hard to trust someone, but not her. The search, together, for a light.

A sweet song, which shows the fragility of both, with one of those refrains that stick to the head. So much autotune, which is their stylistic code, so much harmony. The declaring face to face, that they will always be there for each other, “here near you”. Neighbors work, similar souls, who together experience success. And together they will enjoy this too. Yet another, so far.


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