Sanremo 2021: the genderless black lipstick makes everyone agree, to be more daring

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Whatever the reason you choose to wear it, the black lipstick it goes beyond any classification and meets everyone’s tastes. It is genderless and is never out of place, because by default it is over the top. Last night in the early evening in Sanremo we had the confirmation of his being super parts. The color of darkness on the lips is a timeless choice when you want to get out of the crowd. Glam rock, dark, punk, breakthrough, underground, scenographic is a real statement that was left to men at the 71st edition of the Festival.

The fact remains that women do not love him, on the contrary.

On the stage of the Ariston da Rosario Fiorello, that even if with an ironic air in its imitation of Achille Lauro the black lipstick has been able to wear it well under the sparrow hawk’s mustache, at the same Achille Lauro, living work of art, which has selected a more metallic and bluish Gucci nuance, up to the dandy Damiano, of the Maneskin who paired it with smokey eye make-up, the black-tinted mouth gave a show. A real exercise in style to show that men’s make-up can surprise but also enhance the beauty of the features and amplify a look.

On Damiano, for example, with a perfectly designed mouth, the make-up artist Chantal Ciaffardini per YSL Beauty together with the group decided to dare for the first beauty look in Sanremo, inspired by the 80s punk world.

On the mouth of the singer he did not use a lipstick, to add the flawless result with that matte black he created a base of black eye pencil Eye Drawing n.1 by YSL Beauté and then applied a light shade of matte lipstick on top, Rouge Pur Couture The Slim n.21. The combination with the double-layered black eyes, the same look chosen for Victoria who instead had a red lipstick, made the result even more dramatic.

Great return of lip makeup in this covid edition of Sanremo, therefore, but outside the classic aesthetic canons, focusing on maximalist choices, on the desire to break the rules and play with make-up, a signal that it is time to get out of austerity of the pandemic and allow oneself, even if on a few public occasions but above all in the social field, to experiment with unpredictable looks.

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