Sanremo 2021: the lineup of the fourth evening (with guest Barbara Palombelli)

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The fourth evening of the Sanremo Festival is considered decisive not only because it will decide the winner of the New Proposals, but also because it will allow the public to have a more precise idea of ​​the 26 songs in the competition and the rating that will be decisive for the final on Saturday 6 March. In the meantime, however, let’s get ready for the night: between the young and the Big, the fourth evening will include the beauty of 30 performances interspersed with moments of show that will be used to break the musical flow and package a real show.

Together with Amadeus, Fiorello and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the co-host chosen after Matilda De Angelis, Elodie and Vittoria Ceretti, is Barbara Palombelli, the leading face of Mediaset news at her first time at the Festival. Furthermore, the presence of Beatrice Venezi, the orchestra director already in the jury of AmaSanremo who will accompany the initial moment of the evening dedicated to young people: in the final, in fact, four arrived. Folcast, Gaudiano, Davide Shorty e Wrongonyou, all ready to play for the title. They will be voted by the Opinion Jury, the Jury of the TV, Radio and Web Press Room and the public from home via Televoto: may the best one win.

The evening will also continue with the penultimate painting by Achille Lauro, with the great return of Mahmood, who will again take the stage of the Ariston after the triumph in 2019 with Money, e with an interpretation by Alessandra Amoroso together with Matilde Gioli.

Here are the 26 Big competitions that we will see at the fourth evening of the Sanremo Festival:

Orietta Berti (When you fell in love)
The List Representative (Amare)
The welfare state (Combat Pop)
Bugo (Instead Yes)
Gaia (Bitter heart)
Willie Peyote (Mai dire mai (La locura))
Malika Ayane (You like yourself like that)
Lightning (Santa Marinella)
Extraliscio feat. Davide Toffolo (White black light)
Ermal Meta (A million things to tell you)
Gio Evan (Arnica)
Rhythm (The genesis of your color)
Random (I come back to you)
Arisa (You could have done more)
Colapesce e Dimartino (Very light music)
Aiello (Now)
Francesca Michielin and Fedez (Call me by name)
Max Gazzè (The pharmacist)
Rhythm (The genesis of your color)
Madame (Voice)
Maneskin (Shut up and good)
Ghemon (Perfect time)
Coma_Things (Flames in the eyes)
Annalisa (Ten)
Francesco Renga (When I find you)
Fasma (talk to me)

The songs will be voted by the Jury of the Press Room, TV, Radio and Web. The average between the voting percentages obtained during the evening and those obtained in the previous evenings will determine a new ranking of the 26 songs.

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