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Sanremo 2022: Iva Zanicchi and all the (record) numbers of his Festivals

If you are looking for the path of artistic rejuvenation that Orietta Berti touched after participating in Sanremo in 2021, between duets with Fedez and Lauro and endless advertising campaigns, we do not know, but it is certain that, for Iva Zanicchi, the Ariston has no secrets. At the Festival L’Aquila di Lingonchio participated in 10 editions, winning 3 and thus becoming the woman with the highest number of victories in the history of Sanremo. To tell the truth, Zanicchi, who over the years has also built a solid career as a television personality, had thought about it two years ago as well, but the song did not pass the selection and did not even end up in the list of excluded. Now, fifty-seven years after his first Sanremo – was competing with Your best yearscomposed for her by Mogol and Enrico Polito – Iva feels she is ready to tread that stage once again and to do so with a topic that is very dear to her: the love.

Iva Zanicchi

Jacopo M. Raule

After trying in 2009 with the song I want you without lovewho had been good-naturedly teased by Roberto Benigni, not a little annoying Iva who blamed him, in part, for having ended up at the bottom of the ranking, our Aquila returns this year with I want to love you, which she herself defines as “a hymn to love”. «Italo Ianne had written it, thinking of me, a few months after having set music for Fausto Leali I love, but I hadn’t listened to him. And he kept it in the drawer for years, forgetting about it. She came back out by chance, and she is beautiful », said Iva Zanicchi. «To take you as you are, without much philosophy. Yes I will. For love you know that I would burn every hour of my life: I have already done it and I would do it again “sings Iva in this very intimate song that will prepare the audience to see her, during the evening of the covers, the protagonist of a very delicate tribute to her friend Milvawho passed away in 2021.

Iva Zanicchi at the 2009 Sanremo Festival

Elisabetta Villa

The song he will bring is Songa song that, in 1968, gave Milva third place in Sanremo: Iva Zanicchi will show up on stage with her hair gathered up and a tuxedo, giving the artistic essence of a great artist that we forgot too soon. For the rest of the evenings, Iva, who recently celebrated her career with the Canale 5 show-event Diva, he let it be known that his hair will be down and that he will wear classic clothes, almost all black, with sober embroideries but that will surely strike the eye. Even Iva Zanicchi, as well as Gianni Morandi and Massimo Ranieri, has nothing to prove other than maintaining his record of victories. Competition is fierce, but VAT is VAT, and woe to those who touch it.


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Source: Vanity Fair

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