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Sanremo 2023: The Farewell of the Coma Cose is about the relationship of the couple

“We wrote this song to overcome a crisis.” Talking, interviewed by the magazine Tv Smiles and Songsis Fausto Lama, who together with his partner California forms the indie duo of Coma Cose. The song Fausto refers to is The Farewellchosen as the hit for San Remo 2023 and born from the need of singers to face a difficult moment in their relationship.

A song that begins with these lines: «Being real how much it can hurt, when arguing isn’t allowed. Not to disappoint expectations. After six years of slides. In the dressing room, tears drip makeup. Keep silent so as not to curse yourself». Coma Cose fell in love 6 years ago, while both worked in a leather shop in Milan. After falling in love, the idea of ​​trying their hand at a musical career, materialized when – in 2017 – they were contracted by the label Asian Fake. As it is easy to imagine, working very closely with your partner is not the easiest thing in the world. Last November, at the launch of their album A great way to save yourselfthe Coma Cose had told us: «Before writing this new album there was a moment of separation. We drifted apart to find each other again”. And writing music together was certainly a way to rediscover passion, esteem and complicity.

The meeting of the Coma Cose commented by the expert

According to psychologist and psychoanalyst Elena Welcome, «Coma Cose’s way of rewriting a period of crisis can and must inspire us. Of the interview given to Tv Smiles and Songs, I am particularly struck by this sentence: «The courage to fight to protect a relationship from the passing of time and from daily frailties». These are words that foreshadow a great awareness of time that changes and mutates everything: people, nature, feelings and relationships. Being together for a long time means investing in the relationship every day, but also knowing how to forgive and learning to process wounds that, perhaps without intending it intentionally, we inflict on each other», underlines Benvenuti.

«There are some fundamental and vital ingredients that can never be lacking to keep the relationship on its feet: respect, desire to be together, esteem for the other. One of the most difficult aspects when you have been together for some time and perhaps, as in the case of Coma Cose, you also work together, with total physical proximity, is never take the other for granted. The fact of living at a distance for a period of time as the Coma Cose did can help clarify ideas, provided that it is a decision taken by mutual agreement, with maturity and without double ends (for example, rebuilding one’s life behind the back of the ‘other)”.

But the Coma Cose give us another very important lesson, as the psychologist explains: «To appeal to shared passions, in their case the music. Writing a 4-handed song in which, moreover, one’s difficulties and one’s feelings, perhaps contradictory, are revealed, is truly equivalent to undertaking a couple’s therapy. In the name of creativity and sincerity. For the rest – and here I am addressing anyone with a history of many years behind them – it’s crazy to think that a loving relationship will remain unchanged, always with the same intensity, lightness, light-heartedness and passion of the beginnings. What matters is, in moments of crisis (which happen), don’t close in on yourself, thinking that things can be resolved by bypassing dialogue and confrontation. Carving out moments for two, in which to dedicate quality time, even just walking or staying in an embrace to breathe together, is of enormous help in re-tuning with the person we have chosen as our partner».

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