Russia: Journalist wrote that people were killed in Mariupol theater and faced jail

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The prosecution asked for a sentence of nine years in prison journalist of RusNews Maria Panomarenko, which is accused of “spreading fake news” for the Russian army, reports the human rights website OVD-Info, which in Russia has declared “foreign agent”.

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Journalist Maria Panomarenko from Barnaul is accused of publishing “fake news” about Russian army on the Tsenzoura-net channel (not censorship) and specifically because he made a post in which he wrote that people were killed in the theater of Mariupoli.

Panomarenko was taken into solitary confinement in April and placed under house arrest in November. At the end of January it became known that Panomarenko was again taken to solitary confinement. This happened because, as the website 7X7 wrote, the journalist quarreled with her ex-husband, in whose apartment she lived under house arrest. Because she went to the police to report the incident, she was deemed to have violated house arrest. Unlike her, her ex-husband, according to Russian media, is a supporter of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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The regime will collapse before my parole“, Panomarenko commented on the sentence that the prosecution asked to be imposed on her.

To date, the harshest sentence under the article on spreading “fake news” has been imposed on Moscow MP Ilya Yashin, 8 years and six months. Blogger Veronika Belotserkovetskaya, who lives abroad, has been sentenced to nine years in prison in absentia.

Source: News Beast

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