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Sanremo Festival 2023: here is the regulation (revealed in advance)

The dates – from 7 to 11 February – Amadeus had communicated them in advance. What remained in the balance was the regulation, which the artistic director decided to share in June to prepare everyone for the Sanremo Festival 2023, the fourth led by him. As well as for 2022, also in this lap the singers in the race will be 25 champions, including the 3 finalists of Sanremo Giovani who must, however, participate in the Festival with a different piece than the one proposed in December. The songs will be judged once again by the public at home through Televoting (from landline and mobile telephones), by the Jury of the Press Room, TV, Radio and Web (150 representatives of the media accredited to the Festival) and by the Opinion Jury (300 components).

Matteo Rasero / LaPresse

In the first and second evening of the Sanremo 2023 Festival, the jury of the press room, TV, radio and web will vote, dividing itself into three independent components: a third for TV and print media, a third for radio and a third for the web jury. In the third evening the vote will instead be entrusted for 50% to televoting and for the other 50% to the opinion poll jury. During the fourth evening, the one dedicated to the Cover – the range was restricted to songs released from January 1st 1960 to December 31st 1999, with the possibility for the competing artists to perform with a guest approved by the artistic direction – the voting will be tripartite: 34% entrusted to televoting, 33% to the jury, press room, TV, radio, web and 33% to the jury opinion poll.

Matteo Rasero / LaPresse

In the fifth and final evening, however, the 25 champions will be judged only by televoting, which will add up to the previous rankings. Once the shortlist of candidates has been reduced to 3, a new vote will be launched by televoting, press room jury, TV, radio, web and opinion poll jury. The decision to publish the Sanremo 2023 regulation in June, well in advance of previous years, confirms that Amadeus is already at work to raise the bar even more: “The goal is to have a longer preparation time available to transfer an exciting story of Italian music today from the Ariston stage to the homes of viewers, giving voice to new talents and already established artists, ”said the host. “The cast, also on the basis of the musical proposals that will come to me, will be chosen, as always, giving weight to the value of the songs and their potential compared to the market, with particular attention to their radio appeal”.

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