Sanremo Seen and Copied: the make-up tutorial of Annalisa’s look in the fourth evening

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The 35-year-old singer from Savona, graduated in physics and with a powerful voice, is among the favorites for the victory of this Sanremo 2021. For us her look has already won throughout the duration of the event, because it was a hymn to simplicity and brightness. In the fourth evening, her eyes shaded in brown conquered us and her make-up became the inspiration for our tutorial for the column «Sanremo Seen and Copied». Rita Fiorentino she recreated her make-up by mixing cream products with other powders, a play of textures which, above all, for illuminants, amplified the iridescence.

The result is a cover look that highlights her military green eyes in contrast to her auburn hair. Even the lipstick perfectly in nuance, opaque light burgundy helped to create the perfect harmony on the face with the few chiaroscuro effects, almost absent the contouring, which only enhanced the singer’s natural diaphanous complexion.

Continue to follow us to discover the latest look that we will choose tonight to conclude the series of «Sanremo Seen and Copied».

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