São Paulo City Hall releases preliminary list of street blocks for Carnival 2023

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The Carnival of São Paulo 2023, the first edition of the party in the capital of São Paulo since the beginning of the pandemic, already has a date to take place. The pre-Carnival will be on the 11th and 12th of February, while the party itself will be between the 18th and 21st of February. The revelry in the post will be on the 25th and 26th of February.

The preliminary list of blocks confirmed to parade on these dates was published in the Official Gazette of the Municipality last Saturday (07). As the list has not yet been completed, it will undergo changes and, at the moment, it has only 242 shows from different blocks confirmed. Another 39 parades that were requested were cancelled.

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Among the highlights are blocks by artists such as Alceu Valença, Michel Teló, Pabllo Vittar, Lexa, Parangolé and Daniela Mercury. Other highlights are the Academic blocks of Baixo Augusta, Sargento Pimenta and Monobloco.

According to the rules guide for the revelry, released by the municipal body in November 2022, the closure of the block parties and the shutdown of the electric trios must be done by 6 pm. In this way, according to the city hall, the dispersion of the public should occur until 19h.

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Check out some highlights already scheduled for Carnival 2023 in São Paulo.

Pre-Carnival (February 11th and 12th)

  • Bicho Maluco Beauty by Alceu Valença – 02/11/2023. Gathering at Ibirapuera, in front of the Obelisk, at 1pm. Dispersion at 6 pm;
  • Sergeant Pepper – 02/11/2023. Concentration on Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 4150, at 9am. Dispersion will be at 2 pm;
  • Academics from Baixo Augusta – 02/12/2023. The block leaves Avenida Paulista and Consolação towards the Center, starting at 2 pm;
  • Baco do Parangolé – 02/12/2023 – The block will gather at Praça Maria José Felipe, at 11am;
  • Bloco da Lexa – 02/12/2023 – The band by singer Lexa starts at Av Marquês de São Vicente, 230, at 12h;
  • Monoblock – 02/12/2023. The concentration of one of the most traditional blocks will be in Ibirapuera, near the Obelisk, from 12h.

Carnival (February 18th to 21st)

  • Bloco Bem Sertanejo, by Michel Teló – 02/19/2023. The block leaves at Ibirapuera, near the Obelisk, with concentration starting at 2 pm;
  • Block by Pabllo – 02/19/2023. Gathering at Ibirapuera, in front of the Obelisk, at 1pm.

Post-Carnival (February 25th and 26th)

  • Pirate Ship – BaianaSystem 02/25/2023. The Bahian band’s block and one of the biggest highlights of Salvador’s Carnival will be at Ibirapuera, with the concentration at the Obelisk starting at 1 pm.

(Posted by Gustavo Zanfer)

Source: CNN Brasil

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