São Paulo regulates fines for perpetrators of prank calls against PM and firefighters

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The state of São Paulo may fine up to R$ 2,148.70 people who pass prank calls to the Military Police and Fire Department centrals. The decree that regulates Law 14,738 of April 16, 2012 was published in the Official State Gazette (DOE).

According to the Secretary of Public Security (SSP), it will be considered a prank call to Copom or Cobom “in an improper, illicit, unnecessary way, or that may cause disruption, suspension or delay in the provision of public service”.

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According to data from the SSP, of the 19,129,779 calls received by Copom in 2021, 7.11% were prank calls. The money collected in fines will be allocated to the Public Security Incentive Fund (FISP).

The process for applying the fine will depend on the police officer who takes care of a prank call filling in a Notice of Violation for Telephone Hazing with the call information. The analysis of this document may then result in the initiation of an administrative proceeding.

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The police may have access to the information of those responsible for the hazing through the telephone companies. Authors will have the right of access to the link, being able to defend themselves by presenting evidence. After the decision, only one appeal can be made in writing, once, within 15 days.

The fine must be paid within 30 days. Non-payment may lead to the registration of the amount in active debt and the Information Register of Unpaid Credits of State Bodies and Entities (CADIN State).

Source: CNN Brasil

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