School workers ‘locked 5-year-old in room until he ate his faeces’

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The human mind can’t handle it. A horrifying incident occurred at Texas of the United States when working in school they locked a little boy in a room and forced him to eat his own feces! In accordance with nypost, a teacher and two school assistants were arrested after allegedly locking up a five-year-old boy with disabilities for so long that he started eating his excrement.

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47-year-old Melody LaPointe, and her assistants, 33-year-old Tarah Tinney, and 27-year-old Augusta Costlow, were charged a few days ago with abandoning and endangering a child for the shocking incident that occurred in April 2021. The three “teachers» are accused of putting it boy in isolation room. While the toddler was confined to the room, he fell and injured himself – but staff allegedly did nothing to help him. They locked him in the room until he started to eats his feces and drinks his urine!

In the wake of the arrests, the school district said it notified law enforcement and child protective services immediately after learning of the incident. The workers involved removed from their duties and launched an investigation in cooperation with the Prosecutor’s Office. Subsequently, the teacher and the two assistants were dismissed and the legal proceedings for the criminal prosecution against them began.

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And the three arrested have been remanded in custody and their bail has been set at 60,000 dollars.

Source: News Beast

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