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Scientists in China created chimaera monkey that glowed with different stem cells

Scientists from China have announced that they have created a monkey chimera, with DNA from two fetuses of the same species, which was born naturally and has fluorescent spots on its body. Scientists claim that this is a great achievement that could give new impetus to medical research, help create organs suitable for transplantation, but also help save endangered species. But at the same time it triggers reactions about the limits of science and ethics. The monkey was created with embryonic stem cells, as part of research by the groups of Professors Liu Zhen and Sun Qiang at the Institute of Neuroscience of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in collaboration with Miguel Esteban’s group at the Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health. The stem cells combined came from a cynomolgus monkey, also known as a long-tailed macaque, a primate used in biomedical research. First, the research team removed stem cells from 7-day-old monkey embryos, which are […]
Source: News Beast

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