Scotland: Backlash for appointing man to promote free tampons and sanitary napkins even though he has no problem

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The appointment of a man to a post from which he will promote women’s free access to tampons and sanitary napkins has sparked strong reactions in Scotlandwith Martina Navratilova, the former tennis champion, calling “ridiculously» this decision.

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From Monday, local councils and schools in Scotland are required by law to provide free sanitary napkins and tampon to all women. This law was passed in 2020.

But in the town of Dundee, north of Edinburgh, a man was chosen to see to it that the law was enforced. Jason Grant, a former personal trainer, will take over for the next two years to promote the new legislation in schools and universities and secure sufficient funding for the implementation of the program. It should also encourage discussion around it menstruation and menopause.

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It’s completely ridiculousNavratilova commented angrily on Twitter. “Have we ever tried to explain to men how to shave or how to take care of their prostate? It is absurd,” he added according to the Athens News Agency.

“I can not understand how did anyone come to the conclusion that it is a good idea to appoint a manSusan Dalgety, a chronicler and activist for women’s rights, wrote for her part.

Jason Grant himself claims that precisely because he is a man “the barriers will come down, the stigma will be reduced” and his presence will help in a more open discussion on the subject. “Although it directly affects women, menstruation is a problem for the whole world,” he tweeted after his appointment.

Source: News Beast

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