Scotland: Second Independence Referendum – How London Can Cancel Result

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The Prime Minister of her local parliament ScotlandNicola Sterzon, announced that she will be second referendum within a few years for the country’s independence from Britain, while proposing as a date October 19, 2023.

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So, with the question itself “Should Scotland be an independent country?For the second time in nine years, the Scots will be asked to vote if they want to become independent from Britain.

Nevertheless, as the Athenian News Agency points out, the noticeable difference is that the first referendum, the September 2014, had the approval of the UK Government and its terms were set out in the Scottish Independence Referendum Bill passed by both the Westminster Parliament and the Edinburgh local parliament. Then the 55.3% Voters say Scotland wants to stay in the UK while 44.7% voted in favor of its independence.

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As Ms Sterzon pointed out in her speech to the Hollywood Local Parliament, she has already asked the Senior Legal Officer of the Scottish Government to submit an opinion to the UK Supreme Court in order to circumvent Gin’s reaction. He clarified, however, that even if the Supreme Court rules in the negative, then other ways will be found.

How London can challenge the result

The referendum that will take place will have an advisory character, which means that any result in order to be valid will have to be approved later by the British Parliament. Something that happened in the case of the Brexit referendum.

Ms Sturgeon justified her decision to hold a second referendum, saying Scotland had “suffered from London policies”. An example was the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, where the vast majority of Scots, 62%, voted in favor of staying in the EU.

Finally, he revealed that he will send a letter to the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, asking him for London’s consent and the joint definition of the terms of the new referendum.

Source: News Beast

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