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Searches for victims of a twin-engine accident enter the sixth consecutive day

About to complete a week after the crash of a twin engine between the states of Rio and São Paulo, relatives of two victims of the accident are still experiencing the anguish of searching for information. On a social network, the mother of co-pilot José Porfírio, 20, made an appeal to the authorities and vented.

“Put yourself in my place as a mother. You don’t know what despair is when this time comes and I haven’t brought my son home. I will not give up looking for my son”, said Ana Regina.

This Tuesday (11/30), the search for co-pilot and businessman Sérgio Dias Alves entered the sixth consecutive day. According to the RJ Fire Department, in the operation, military personnel continue to be mobilized with divers and rely on the aid of aircraft, boats and watercraft that carry out coastal sweeps in the region, on the border between the states of Rio and São Paulo.

According to Colonel Leandro Monteiro, commander-general of the CBMERJ and State Secretary of Civil Defense, the searches do not stop and include air, sea and land operations, these even at night.

“I want to show solidarity with the victims’ relatives who are here helping us with information. Every day, we are with soldiers from all over the State, from maritime groups and specialized units. All necessary resources are being employed. The Fire Department never gives up. We will stay here for 15 days in search of lives,” said the commander who is accompanying the search on the spot.

According to the Brazilian Navy, the searches began on November 25 and, last Saturday (27), a patrol ship found a backpack with belongings supposedly belonging to the crew of the twin-engine. It was located within the search area, approximately 45 km from Trindade (RJ). Also according to the Navy, the task force with other bodies has already carried out a sweep in an area of ​​more than 2500 km2 of the coast, covering a coastal strip between Ubatuba (SP) and Paraty (RJ), with a distance of up to 45 km from the coast. coast.

“In order to obtain more information that could help in the searches, Salvamar Sueste, the organic structure responsible for Search and Rescue Operations (SAR) in this region, issued a Notice to Navegantes, giving wide dissemination by Radio, in order to alert and request support from all vessels in nearby areas. Brazilian Navy”, says an excerpt from the Navy communiqué.

The twin-engine crashed in open sea near Ubatuba, on the coast of São Paulo, and Paraty, in Rio de Janeiro. The plane left Campinas (SP) around 20:30 on Wednesday (11/24) and would land at Jacarepaguá airport, in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, at 21:30. From 9 pm onwards, however, there was no further contact with the occupants.

A day after the accident, rescue teams located the body of Gustavo Carneiro, who was piloting the aircraft. He was 27 years old and was born in Corumbá, Mato Grosso do Sul.

According to the ANAC record, the plane could not operate as an Air Taxi, but was allowed to fly at night. Ownership of the aircraft is in the name of the co-pilot, José Porfírio. The inspection was up to date.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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