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Selena Gomez embraces her natural beauty without makeup and showing off her curves

It is not a secret to anyone and much has been said about the multiple criticisms and opinions that Selena Gomez has received about her body throughout her career; Her comments, mostly negative, have not only caused her episodes of depression and anxiety, but have also led her to permanently close her social networks to avoid reading messages that judge her.

After various criticisms in which people said that she looked very neglected to see her with a few extra pounds, the American singer and actress has stated that she is in a new phase of her life, in which she has not stopped radiating love own and shows that he loves himself as he is.

She posed without makeup as a lesson in self-love

Selfie photo of Selena Gomez wearing a black blouse without makeup and with her hair down

As an example of this, after having said that she would close her profiles on social networks again, this March 14, the interpreter of Dance with Me surprised his fans by sharing on his Instagram a couple of selfies in which she is shown natural, without a single drop of makeup, photographs that soon went viral and generated a debate on social networks.

Under the text “Violet Chemistry” and labeling Miley Cyrus as a symbol of support for her most recently released record album titled Endless Summer Vacationin which the singer talks about self-love, Selena posed with her voluminous disheveled hair and her natural face.

Selena Gomez posing while putting on her new makeup line

With a relaxed pose, the former Disney star tried to send a message to her followers, making it clear that she is happy with herself, so she loves her new figure and accepts herself with everything and imperfections, showing that she is happy with herself. despite being fighting the lupus disease that he suffers from.

The couple of photographs in which the 30-year-old Texan actress reveals her shiny skin, her pores, and the occasional pimple on her face did not take long to attract the attention of everyone on the social network, generating a division of opinions among users. Well, while many praised her for how precious she looks in nature, there was no shortage of haters who judged her saying that she looked somewhat emaciated and ugly.

These are some of the reactions on Twitter:

1. I love you, Selena Gomez uploading photos without makeup

Twitter post with photos of Selena Gomez without makeup

2. An example of natural beauty

screenshot of a tweet of a person commenting on the photos of Selena Gomez without makeup

3. The one that is beautiful is beautiful and that’s it

screenshot of some photos of Selena Gomez without makeup

4. Are you kidding? she looks gorgeous

screenshot of a person's tweet commenting on Selena Gomez without makeup

5. Anyway, she always looks beautiful

various images of Selena Gomez posing without makeup

6. She is quite a queen

screenshot of a Twitter opinion about Selena Gomez without makeup

Source: Okchicas

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