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In Rio de Janeiro, PF seizes about 1,000 weapons in irregular stores

In the third stage of the Disarmed Operation, held this Wednesday (15th) in Rio de Janeiro, the Federal Police seized around 1,000 weapons, in addition to thousands of ammunition and accessories used by anyone carrying a firearm.

A month ago, in the same places where this week’s warrants were carried out, the PF had already seized 68 rifles, 12 restricted caliber revolvers, 204 rifle magazines and thousands of ammunition of various calibers, in the largest seizure of firearms in history of the corporation in the state.

Four people were arrested at the time. According to the police, they were “selling firearms without armed surveillance, without the correct traffic guide and with the commercial activity of war material suspended, in disagreement with the governing norms”.

The Federal Police explained that the first and second stages of the Disarmed Operation were aimed at restricted trade weapons.

This time, the other weapons were seized, which were legally traded but were sold irregularly. Those responsible for the stores can answer for illegal trade in firearms and illegal possession of firearms.

“The seizure of such a significant amount of war material is of paramount importance in view of the objective of preventing firearms from possibly being introduced into the clandestine market, with a view to weakening criminal organizations such as militias, crime offices and factions,” said the PF, in note.

Police operation arrests 22 people

In another action also carried out this Wednesday, the Military Police seized seven rifles and 11 pistols in the Cidade de Deus region, in the west zone of Rio de Janeiro.

A total of 22 people were arrested who, according to the police, belong to the same criminal faction and will be framed for various crimes, from tampering with motorcycle chassis to obstructing roads and trying to escape from the police. A man and a woman who were outlawed were also located.

The action featured an integration of teams from the Special Police Operations Battalion (BOPE), Shock Battalion, Dog Action Battalion, Airmobile Grouping and Special Operations Support Nucleus.

In a mangrove area in the Taquara region, bandits exchanged fire with the police. A man with an AR-15 rifle was arrested there.

In another confrontation, three suspects were hit and taken to the Lourenço Jorge Municipal Hospital, in Barra da Tijuca. A grenade and two pistols were seized from them.

intercepted truck

The police also claim that they intercepted a truck carrying 15 fugitives with six rifles, nine pistols and bulletproof vests.

They were caught on the Grajaú-Jacarepaguá road. “This group fled from Cidade de Deus to seek refuge in communities in the northern zone of Rio de Janeiro,” said PM spokesman Colonel Marco Andrade.

A CNN found that Cidade de Deus is the center of an area dominated by drug trafficking that is trying to expand in the Jacarepaguá region. In an attempt to overcome the borders of the dominated territory, the traffickers went to war with the militia that dominate other areas such as Muzema and Rio das Pedras.

Among the prisoners who were trying to escape in the truck was Denys Gabriel Gonçalves Monteiro, known as Biel, named as one of the heads of the criminal faction that runs the region.

“City of God belongs to a criminal faction. The PM circled Cidade de Deus today and asphyxiated them all day today, not letting them escape”, adds Andrade. In addition to the weapons and the truck, the police also collected ten mock rifles.

In a note sent to CNN the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro stated that “the Police Station for the Repression of Organized Criminal Actions and Special Inquiries (Draco) investigates the activities of traffickers and militiamen in these regions and has been monitoring to identify criminals”.

The Civil Police also adds that “the collection of intelligence information and constant monitoring of data are used for actions, aimed at identifying and arresting members of these criminal organizations”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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