Senate postpones the vote of the PEC of the Precatório to this Thursday (2)

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The president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), postponed the vote on the PEC dos Precatórios, which would initially take place on Wednesday, to Thursday, and announced that the provisional measure for Brazil Aid will also be analyzed on the same day.

The postponement was announced shortly after the Senate approved the nomination of André Mendonça for a vacancy in the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

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At the suggestion of the government leader and rapporteur of the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) of the Precatório, Fernando Bezerra (MDB-PE), Pacheco said that the House should analyze the measure throughout the Thursday and vote on it, including through virtual voting.

“Tomorrow at 9 am we will have the Senate session for the consideration of the PEC dos Precatórios and the MP do Auxílio Brasil”, said the president of the Senate in plenary.

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Shortly before, Bezerra said he was close to an agreement around the PEC. The rapporteur explained that he discusses the deepening of four points of his opinion with other senators and the government’s economic team.

According to him, one of these points concerns the sub-ceiling related to precatoria of the Fund for the Maintenance and Development of Elementary Education and the Valorization of Teaching (Fundef).

Approved on Tuesday by the Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ), the PEC dos Precatórios needs at least 49 favorable votes in two rounds of voting in the plenary to be approved.

The PEC modifies the rules for the settlement of these government debts whose payment was determined by the Court, and alters the deadline for correction of the spending ceiling by the Broad Consumer Price Index (IPCA).

The proposal intends to give the Executive room to put Brazil Aid into practice to replace Bolsa Família, and the government’s intention is for its approval to take place in time to allow payment of aid before Christmas.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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