Sergio Mayer assures that he has received threats for supporting Alexa Parra

Sergio Mayer assures that he has received threats for supporting Alexa Parra

After the controversial trial of Héctor “N”, having offered his support to the victim Alexa Hoffman, the actor Sergio Mayer has seen himself in the eye of the hurricane, since, allegedly, he has received threats for expressing his support for the victim.

Through an interview, the former deputy shared with various media that even his daughters have been involved in the problem, even when they have nothing to do with it, since they have received hundreds of negative comments and threats on their social networks.

Because of this, Mayer explained to the media that even her daughters have asked her to hire security to take care of them. However, he assures that it is not necessary because he has not done anything wrong and that he is not going to give in to having put the actor behind bars.

Antonia told me ‘Dad, don’t you think we should hire escorts?’ and I said ‘Why?’, ‘Because of all the threats they are making to us’, because now it turns out that a sentenced pedophile is now the image of injustice, look at the world that is so crazy and so sad… in which we are living.

In addition to this, Mayer assured that he is very proud of what Alexa did because, despite having been revictimized, she continued her fight for justice and finally achieved it, since there is already a sentence handed down by a judge. , regardless of what “everyone wants to believe”.

I am satisfied that a victim has found justice in this country and I feel very proud of what Alexa did, of what she generated, because they gave her everything and they continue to attack her, that is not having a mother, we continue to discredit women , but there is already a sentence and if you want to continue believing those stories, go ahead, everyone is free to express and believe what they want.

Finally, after being questioned about the criticism he received for having given a videoconference interview in his underwear and accidentally being exposed and some people using it as a pretext to compare the case of Héctor “N”, the dancer assured that he was in his house and that he does not harass or touch or disrespect his daughters.

Source: Okchicas