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Severe floods in Spain: “Drowned” the Madrid metro – Two dead and missing

In the midst of bad weather, Madrid of Spain was affected by one of the worst rainfalls since 1972. Now, the Madrid subway was flooded, while two people were killed and two others were reported missing in other parts of Spain as weather warnings were issued across the country.

Footage from flooding in the Madrid metro were circulated on social media, with water gushing through the doors of a moving carriage in front of shocked passengers. The downpour can be seen through the carriage window as the water seeps in under the door, reaching the passengers within seconds who are filming the strange sight.

As the chaos throughout Spain, a police spokesman confirmed that two people died in the rural area around the city of Toledo. They added that helicopters were sent to rescue people who sought shelter on the roofs of their houses in the same area.

Meanwhile, in the Madrid area, emergency services faced almost 1,200 incidents overnight, while, among others, firefighters and police were searching for a man in a rural area southwest of Madrid. The man disappeared with his son when their car drifted into a river. Madrid’s emergency services confirmed that the minor was rescued after climbing a tree.

In the Madrid area, dozens of bridges were destroyed by flood waters, while river banks overflowed. The mayor of Madrid recommended on Sunday that all residents stay in their homes, as the capital is preparing for the torrential rains and storms that are hitting several parts of Spain.

The country’s national meteorological service issued maximum red alert, which means possible extreme danger in the Madrid region, the province of Toledo and the city of Cádiz. He said that up to 120 liters of rain per square meter they could fall into 12 hours in Madrid – breaking the previous rainfall record set in 1972 at 87 liters per square metre, according to the dailymail.co.uk.

Source: News Beast

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