«Sex and the City»: the first details on the plot of the revival

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While in Italy we continue to contemplate the first images of And Just Like That..., the revival of Sex and the City which will arrive soon on HBO Max, asking us if the new episodes will be up to the originals, in America the debate has gone further, more precisely to the plot points. Page Six has, in fact, come into possession of a page of the script of the new series explaining to readers what we will see and that, for the sake of spoilers, we bring you back here, advising you not to continue reading if you do not want to spoil the surprise.


According to the first details, it seems that the marriage of Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big has now come to an end. Get married in the first movie of Sex and the City after six seasons of ups and downs, the couple would have decided to say goodbye at fifty, bringing attention back to Carrie and her love affairs. In the scene that is described by Page Six Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), now a podcast host, has dinner with her best friends Stanford (Willie Garson), Miranda (Cynthia) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) complaining about her failed marriage: “I was recording the podcast, I I was washing my hair. Yes, I wasn’t eating or sleeping, but at least I felt my marriage was going well. Now am I just one of the wives he takes care of? ‘ The reference is to the fact that Mr. Big (Chris Noth), before Carrie, was married twice: first with the book publisher Barbara, played by Noelle Beck, and then Natasha Naginsky, interpretata da Bridget Moynahan. The latter was spotted on the set, letting us understand that the plot will foresee a possible return of the flame with Big.

In short, things, after twenty-three years, do not seem to have changed much. Beyond the noisy absence of Samantha (Kim Cattrall) and the entry of new performers such as Sara Ramírez in the role of Che Diaz, a non-binary and queer comedian who hosts the podcast featuring Carrie, and Nicole Ari Parker, it seems that the revival of Sex and the City has decided to focus on safe used vehicles without going beyond the limits against which the series has always clashed. The speeches on inclusivity promoted on the eve of the shoot and the photos depicting the aged protagonists and, in the case of Carrie, with hair regrowth, are, for a good part of the American press, resolutions left who knows where on the street. According to Pedestrian, the new series will confirm how Carrie has remained there “Toxic narcissist” which was in the 2000s, without any possibility of growth and evolution dictated by time. A script page is definitely a little short to make a judgment, but everyone’s hope is that new Sex and the City can, in some way, refresh the old files and keep up with a world that, in the meantime, has changed a lot.

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