“Antidote to Traditional Social Networks” – WhatsApp Creators Launch HalloApp, Which Has No Ads At All

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HalloApp, developed by former WhatsApp employees, was released this week on Google Play and the Apple AppStore. It is a social network that resembles a messenger. It is designed for individual and group chats with people, but only with those that the user really knows.

The only way to find someone on the HalloApp network is to enter their phone number. Chats have end-to-end encryption, the application does not collect user data, and there are no ads at all on the HalloApp social network.

HalloApp was created by former business director Neeraj Arora and WhatsApp CTO Michael Donohue, who left the company in 2018 and 2019, respectively. In doing so, Donoghue was CTO for nine years.

HalloApp is divided into four main sections: Friends’ Messages Feed, Group Chats, One-to-One Chats, and Settings. HalloApp has a minimalistic design, there are no algorithms for sorting posts or group chats in the application.

Neeraj Arora called HalloApp “the antidote to traditional social media.” “Imagine that your online friends were your real friends. Your feed is not filled with people and messages that you are not interested in. Imagine seeing what you want, not what the algorithm wants to show you. Imagine a network that doesn’t see you as a product. “

It is also reported that the creators of HalloApp intend to organize a subscription for the use of some HalloApp services.

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