Shakira-Pique separation, in addition to the alleged betrayals, would it be all a question of money?

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New revelations were made known on the separation between Shakira and Gerard Piqué. After the constant gossip about the footballer’s betrayals, other versions of the story arrive. To confess it was Roberto Garcia (ex-boyfriend of Lucila, one of the sisters of the Colombian pop star), who swears it is a purely economic issue. The man gave an interview to EsDiary and said that the attacker has requested a large sum of money from his partner to invest in assets in the Bahamas and Colombia. After the no 12-year-old partner (as well as mother of their children Sasha and Milan) there would be the incurable break, aggravated by the fact that the decision was taken after a family consultation: “He does nothing without the permission of his parents – he commented – they supervise many aspects of his life”.

Always according to the one who was her brother-in-law for eight years, Shakira has never had any intention of getting married with her partner: “When she laid eyes on him she understood that he could have been the father of her children but she knew she would never marry him.” Always according to Roberto’s statements, the pop star and the footballer had already been leading separate lives for some time, so the official announcement of the separation it is the result of a well-considered decision which is very much subsequent to the events in question.

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Love at first sight was struck during the World Cup in South Africawhere the artist performed in the iconic Waka Wakabut it seems, according to the reconstructions of the Spanish newspapers, that the sportsman prefers discos and the wee hours to family commitments.You also recently hired a detective agency that confirmed the treason hypothesisbut by now the fracture seems deep to the point that Shakira wishes to return to Miami with her children, leaving her ex partner in Barcelona, ​​where her parents also live.

According to the Hispanic press, which renamed her the Patroness, Shakira has never really integrated into the club of footballers’ wives, remaining on the fringes of her circle of acquaintances. It seems that she preferred Nuria Tomas, Pique’s ex-girlfriend. Not that the pop star, for her part, had a particular desire to enter the good graces of the other footballers’ companions: with a very flourishing career, she certainly would not need their support in Catalonia.

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Suffice it to say that she was chosen to perform with Jennifer Lopez at the Super Bowl halftime show, described by JLo in her documentary. Halftime (Netflix). This is just one of the many milestones achieved by the Colombian star and promises that this is only the beginning.

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