Shakira, the video of the furious quarrel with her mother-in-law reappears: “You have to shut up”

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That the relationships between Shakira and her former mother-in-law Montserrat Bernabeu weren’t idyllic, the Spanish press had been reporting it for years. But after the sensational (and rancorous) split between the pop star and Piquè a video from a few years ago has reappeared on social media which immortalizes the two women during one furious fight in the street. In the video, which immediately went viral, the two argue animatedly in the street in front of Piquè. Suddenly Madame Montserrat Bernabeu, an esteemed neurosurgeon, puts her hands on the singer’s mouth and points his finger at her to stay shut up. The pop star has her back turned, it is not known what her reaction was. For sure there is instead that Piquè watched the scene motionless and passivedoing nothing to support his partner despite his mother’s harsh attitude.

What lies behind the difficult relationship between Shakira and her ex mother-in-law is not clear. Some support Ms. Montserrat Bernabeu was aware of his son’s escapades and supported him, inviting Shakira to keep quiet and go on (for the good of the family? To avoid clamor? We don’t know this). Others argue that Piquè’s mother was classical meddling mother-in-law than with its continuous interference it created havoc in the (ex) couple.

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Whatever the truth, we have recently had several confirmations of the ice that runs between the two. In the song-revenge Music Session #53 Shakira, in addition to asphalting Piquè and his new baby-girlfriend Clara Chia Marti, also brings up Mrs. Montserrat Bernabeu. With a verse that reads: «Me dejaste de vecina la suegra», or: «You left me with the mother-in-law as a neighbor»». The long-distance confrontation was then animated with film scenes: the Colombian singer exhibited towards the windows of the house of Piquè’s mother (who lives opposite her) a witch’s puppet. Reproducing at full volume iL much talked about song Music Session #53.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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