Shakira, the war against the ex mother-in-law continues (at full volume)

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The anger of Shakira against the former mother-in-law Montserrat Bernabeumother of Gerard Piquedoes not seem to have subsided at all. So much so that in order not to have it around anymore – lMadame Montserrat and her husband Joan Piqué live in Barcelona right next door to hers, wall to wall – would be implementing a deafening strategy. For some time, as told by the Spanish program Socialitethe pop star is organizing parties with loud music and fireworks that disturb the whole neighborhood. With a very specific purpose: he wants the mother-in-law pack your bags. The strategy seems to work: second Socialite, Montserrat and her husband are fed up with so much confusion. So much so that they would have thought of abandoning their residence. But then they would have changed their mind, because they know they won’t have to put up with Shakira much longer: the singer, in fact, is about to move to Miami with the children of Piqué (Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7). He was supposed to move on January 3, but he postponed his departure because his father William Mebarak90 years old, is very ill.

So for now, stay in Barcelona. And as long as she stays there she seems intent on making the life of her ex-mother-in-law and still neighbor Montserrat hell. Not only to the sound of deafening parties. Shakira before her attacked the sixty-year-old in the song-vengeance Music Session # 53 (the one in which she asphalt Piquè and his new baby-girlfriend Clara Chia Marti), then she exposed towards the windows of the lady a witch’s puppet. Furthermore, according to the Spanish press, she forbids her children to call her grandmother.

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For years Shakira and her ex mother-in-law have shown themselves to be accomplices and close-knit. Then, no one knows why, everything changed. Some argue that Montserrat was the classic meddling mother-in-law than with its continuous interference it created havoc in the (ex) couple. Others say that the lady knew about her son’s affair with Clara Chia and she supported him: «While Shakira cried on his shoulder, she was an accomplice of her son and her new flame» explained Laura Fa, journalist of the Spanish programme, in recent days Save me. But there are also those who defend Piqué’s mother: “Everything that is happening after that song is really unfair,” said a friend of the sixty-year-old during an episode of the program Four a day. “They always say mothers-in-law are mean but Montserrat is the best mother-in-law I know. When Shakira was busy with concerts, or out to do something else, she was the one to hold the children. She has always supported her. Montserrat is suffering a lot but has no intention of opening his mouth on the matter».

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