Shared, with a view to MSCI, the Stock Exchange

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Intense nervousness, several portfolio restructurings and selective moves in key securities was the current picture of the session on the Athens Stock Exchange, which, although it failed to close in negative territory, was able to absorb much of the losses and close in contact with life. of 920 units.

In particular, the General Index closed with losses of 0.03% at 917.80 points, while today it moved between 911.90 points (-0.67%) and 918.21 points (+ 0.02%). The turnover amounted to 70.8 million euros and the volume to 23.2 million units, while 4.8 million units were traded through pre-agreed transactions.

Shared, with a view to MSCI, the Stock Exchange

The high capitalization index closed with a fall of 0.01%, at 2,212.57 points, while at + 0.39% Mid Cap completed the transactions at 1,514.77 points. The banking index closed with losses of 0.48% at 594.52 points.

Today’s meeting had many faces, but two were the ones that prevailed. One was the correction of securities that outperformed the previous period, such as that of PPC, and the second was the restructuring of portfolios in view of the announcements for the indexes by MSCI. According to analysts, the revision of the MSCI indices is expected to lead to the addition of 2-3 new shares (PPC – Ethniki – Mytilineos the candidates) to the five already participating in the key index.

Analysts’ estimates also focus on PPC shares, which according to JP Morgan will join Standard Greece, after the completion of the share capital increase, which increases the number of traded shares of the Greek listed company, as well as of its capitalization. Société Générale has made a similar provision for the addition of PPC to the MSCI Greece Standard and MSCI Emerging Markets. As he had estimated, the share of Jumbo will be deleted while there will probably be two additions at the same time, those of the National Bank and PPC.

Moderate optimism about the economy

In addition to the above, of course, the climate was supported by the assessment by the European Commission that it expects growth of 7.1% for this year and 5.2% for 2022. However, as reports, the forecasts are expectedly higher than those of its draft budget that provides growth of 6.1% for this year and 4.5% for 2021 after the executives of the financial staff announce an upward revision of these forecasts.

However, the market, like the government, does not hide its concern about the rising prices of energy products, along with the new outbreak of the pandemic. Already imported energy inflation increased the Consumer Price Index to 3.4% in October, from -2% in January and -1.8% in October 2020.

On the dashboard

On the board now, PPC lost 4.77%, with Ethniki following with its own -2.83%. Losses of more than 1% were recorded by Terna Energy, PPA and EYDAP, while Viohalco, Eurobank, HELEX, Lambda, Sarantis and Mytilineos closed slightly down.

On the other hand, OTE, OPAP, Piraeus, Ellactor, Jumbo, Motor Oil and Coca Cola closed with profits exceeding 1%, offering significant market support. Aegean, Alpha Bank, Titan, ELHA and IPTO closed slightly higher. GEK Terna and Hellenic Petroleum closed unchanged.


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