She has ‘Britain’s biggest eyebrows’ and tries to break down beauty standards – ‘You’re being brainwashed’

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The woman with the “bigger eyebrows her Britain” in a series of videos he uploads to TikToktries to break the taboos that prevail around the beauty standards and to emphasize that every man should be comfortable with his appearance.

Nevertheless, as stated by has come under a barrage of online attacks on social media, with people criticizing her for her huge eyebrows, while some went a step further and suggested that “social services should step in” in her case.

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“I’m here and I explain to people – I help them – increase their confidence to be themselves. Not to judge anyone else, to embrace their natural beauty. To express themselves,” says 27-year-old Sammie-Jo Hailford.

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According to her, the fashion industry has created a ‘fake world’ and beauty standards that ‘shouldn’t exist’because “they do not correspond to reality”.

“You’re fake and brainwashed into socially conditioned behavior and beauty standards that aren’t even real, shouldn’t exist,” he notes in one of the videos he’s posted.

Yes, has also created an online movement called “Eyebrows” or otherwise “Beauty Redefined”, where tries to help people to accept their appearance.

So far, there has been a warm response, although the comments often feature critics who believe that people have to look a certain way to be socially acceptable.

Source: News Beast

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