She put a straw in a bleach bottle for her son to drink because he “hated to be a mother”

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The revelations that came to light in a British court about a woman who “hated to be a mother” and left a bottle are shocking bleach with a straw on it, hoping her 3-year-old son will drink it.

The mother, around 20, appeared in court after causing a series of injuries to the toddler. Hospital staff and social workers said they were shocked when the child was examined and found to have 80 blows to the head and body.

The woman, whose name has not been released to protect the child’s anonymity, initially tried to blame her boyfriend for the beatings, according to the Daily Mail. But then he confessed what he had done, among which was the fact that he had left a bottle of bleach out with a straw in it for the little boy to drink.

He also told police he had opened a window at some point and left some stairs, hoping the little one would climb. This is because she “hated to be a mother” and the fact that she had to put him above anyone else.

Horrifying details of the child abuse were heard in court, the report said.

Everything came to light when she went to her house with her son mother of her partner. The older woman asked her about the child’s injuries to get the answer that she had fallen. However the next day he contacted the social services and social workers visited the child. They were shocked by his condition and said that “they have never seen anything so bad”.

The boy was eventually taken over by social services, while the mother was sentenced to two years suspended imprisonment.

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