Grandpa invents a solar stove at 71, he just wants to help those who need it most

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Grandparents always show that they can still save the world with their inventions and if you don’t believe it, then you have to meet Don Maximino Antonio Piedad, a 71-year-old man who has become a social media celebrity for his incredible invention: A solar stove.

Don Maximino is only doing them because he wants to support those who do not have “many resources” and the only request he makes is that they disseminate his work on social networks so that more people can get to know him and his ecological stoves.

Meet the creator of solar stoves

71-year-old grandpa showing how his solar stove works

Don Maximino is an elderly man who took on the task of finding how to help his neighbors and the planet so as not to generate more pollution. After several days with the idea in mind, he got recycled materials and then made a solar stove.

The grandfather lives near the central de abastos in Ecatepec, State of Mexico, but is originally from San Luis Potosí. With his invention he has shown that despite not having the opportunity to study and learn to speak until the age of 20, he can create great things.

How did you do it?

71-year-old grandpa showing how his solar stove works

His idea came after seeing several neighbors trying to put together a stove. Then he helped them perfect it and run it on solar energy.

Don Maximino’s invention uses a TV antenna placed at the bottom, just 50 centimeters from the grill to reflect the sun. In this way the necessary heat is produced to heat the food. With the solar stove you can prepare foods such as beans, chicken or meat and yes, they are very well cooked. Although it was not easy, because it was difficult for him to find the right place to put the metal disk that heats up to generate the heat.

His invention costs just over $ 60

grandpa selling his solar stoves

Now that they went from being a prototype to a reality, Don Maximino began to sell his stoves for only 1,200 pesos, that is, 60 dollars each. Due to the publicity that has been given to him on social networks, he now has many orders to complete. It has already shipped to Oaxaca, Hidalgo, Guerrero, Arizona and California, in the United States.

With the funds she raises, she hopes to help low-income people to have one of their stoves in their home, as it will improve their lives. In addition, he plans to reduce the pollution that wood stoves cause.

If you wish to contact Don Maximino, you can do so through his telephone line: 5540913614. However, do not try to send him a WhatsApp because his cell phone does not have the application.

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