She was born with the intestine instead of the lung, saved: “Now we will show you the sun”

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She was born with the intestine instead of a lung. It was born like this for a malformation. But with only 17 months spent in hospital, the transplant was successful. “The first thing we’ll do is take her to the park,” the parents said, because since she was born, Daria Maria, the 17-month-old daughter he never left the hospital. But now “he will be able to see the sun” says dad Adrian who has finally found hope after the little girl with extreme strength she went through a delicate surgery, Covid and a transplant.

A miraculous story of rebirth

Daria Maria was born in 2019 at the Sant’Anna hospital in Turin and a few days later she immediately undergoes an operation for the correction of a congenital diaphragmatic hernia, a very rare malformation which, due to a “hole” in the diaphragm, produces lo slipping of the intestine into the chest, compromising the normal development of the lungs.

The operation takes place at the Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital, but not everything is in order, quite the contrary. Daria Maria has complications and instead of progressively recovering cardiopulmonary function, over the weeks, the baby develops a cholestatic liver disease with abnormal enlargement of the liver and, therefore, a compression effect on the chest.

At this point the transplant has become indispensable. But while it awaits the right organ Covid also arrives and the parents could not be with her both but only one at a time.

In November 2020 the news arrives: there is a new liver for Daria Maria. The transplant is performed in Molinette by Renato Romagnoli, while the subsequent treatments are taken care of by Regina Margherita. It still takes months, but eventually the lungs regularly grow into their natural position. You will give Maria, as the father says “Now what we want now is that he can know the world”

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