She wore false eyelashes and had an allergic reaction – ‘I looked like a zombie, I was embarrassed to go out for a month’

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Stories of failed beauty product trials usually have bad results, and the case of a young waitress is no exception, after she put on false eyelashes and her face looked like “zombie“, due to allergy.

According to 17-year-old Haley Fetzer from Ashland, Ohio, USA four days before her school prom, she went to the beautician and placed fake eyelashes. At first, everything was normal, except for a slight redness in her eyes, which she treated with drops, thinking the reaction was due to pollen, because she lives in the country.

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The redness subsided and after 15 days the young woman again applied a new set of eyelashes, but this time her eyes turned crimson. “I was at a meeting at school with my mum and she looked at me and said ‘your eyes are really red, are you ok?'”

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“At that time my eyes were very heavy,” he said, noting that “it looked like my eyes were pooling blood and every time I blinked, pus was coming out of them. As the night went on, my eyes were so wet that the eyelashes were already coming off.”

“I looked like a zombie, I was ashamed to go out”

As soon as Haley Fetzer woke up, she contacted her beautician, who informed her that it was an allergic reaction and that she should visit him to have the false eyelashes removed immediately.

According to the 17-year-old, the removal process felt like being “stung by a million ants”, and she was then given drops, which she will have to use for five weeks.

She therefore described the event as a disaster and emphasized that for a month she did not leave her house at all, because she was ashamed of her appearance. “It probably took a full five weeks before my eyes were white again and I was motivated to go to the gym and go out in public,” he said.

Now, she has decided to speak publicly about the incident in order to inform the world about possible problems she may face, while vowing never to use beauty products again.

Source: News Beast

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