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Shein workers send help messages on clothing labels

Shein workers send help messages on clothing labels

There are workplaces where employees daily face terrible working conditions, to the point of reaching labor exploitation. This is something that in most cases, people put up with because of the need for employment. One of the places where it is well known that this kind of thing happens is in companies fast fashionas the conditions of their employees are said to be dire, especially in countries like China, Bangladesh, India, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

Apparently, one of the companies that joins the terrible treatment of its employees is the online clothing store Shein, since a video recently went viral on TikTok of a user who showed messages of help and help on the clothing labels that They seem to be from the workers of the fashion company.

The person in charge of exposing the case was Laritza Arcos, who through her TikTok account @mattessssshared that when he opened the bags of his order from the renowned brand, he realized that a message from someone requesting help was written on the garment labels.

recording with music no surprisesby Radiohead, in the background begins with the worried face of the girl who later shows the photographs of the bags of her order with the text “Help” (“Ayuda” in Spanish) and others with question marks.

POV: The children of Shein ask for help.

However, it is not the first time that this case has been exposed, since previously, in other social networks, the experiences of other girls who, upon receiving their orders from Shein, noticed the notes asking for help in the tags.

The situation began to alarm users, who shared the information, assuring that seeing the help messages made them want to order clothes from that store.

Given the situation and the virality of Laritza’s video, Shein’s official account made a comment about it, assuring that the shared information was false and they were waiting for a message to solve that misunderstanding.

We have become aware that this video contains misinformation about SHEIN and we want to address the incorrect claims. Please send us a direct message.

Although for now it is not known what has happened in this regard, Internet users assured that in addition to the terrible conditions to which the employees are subjected, the stores dedicated to the fast fashion They are companies that have been exposed by different non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for having a negative environmental impact by generating more pollution than others.

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