Shipowners protest for € 60 million’s rents due.

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A letter to the Secretary General of the Ministry of Shipping and President of the Shipping Council, Evangelos Kyriazopoulos, was sent by the coasters, on the occasion of debts exceeding 60 million euros.

The Association of Passenger Shipping Companies declares that its representatives will not participate in today’s meeting of YOU, as a sign of protest.

The letter in detail:

“Dear Mr. Kyriazopoulos,

We would like to inform you that at today’s meeting of the Board of Directors of our Association, a unanimous decision was made for the non-participation of the representatives of SEEN in today’s meeting of YOU.

The non-participation of our representatives has the meaning of protesting against the rents owed to our companies that exceed 60 million euros.

Also, taking into account that the Agenda concerns two issues for the conclusion of Public Service contracts, we wish to express our concern for the announcement of new tenders when it seems that the necessary funds have not been secured.

“Our letter is requested to be read at today’s meeting of the Council.”


Source From: Capital

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