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Shiva Sentenced to Six and a Half Years in Prison for Attempted Murder: ‘This is a Sad Day for Me’

«This is a sad day for me. Today I was sentenced to 6 and a half years in prison for “attempted murder”: a crime I never committed». Thus begins the long post with which the trapper Shivaregistered as Andrea Arrigoni, lets off steam after the sentence of the judges of the eighth criminal section of the Milan Tribunal which arrived yesterday at the end of the abbreviated trial for the July 11, 2023 shooting in which two rivals from rapper Rondo Da Sosa’s crew were injured – in front of his recording studio in Settimo Milanese. A video has been circulating on YouTube for months video of the State Police that portrays the key moments of what happenedshortly after 8pm: Shiva and some of his collaborators get out of a dark car and are attacked by two people with their faces covered. Arrigoni first takes refuge in a building and immediately comes out armed, opening fire. Arrested last October, Andrea – accused of attempted murder, illegal possession of a firearm and receiving stolen goods (never found) – was arrested house arrest after being released from prison at the end of February.

His lawyers, Daniele Barelli and Marco Campora, had asked for his acquittal, arguing that the artist «he would have done nothing but defend himself» from the aggression of rivals. And now they have announced that they will present appeal: «We have always maintained that the crime of attempted murder does not exist at all. We have demonstrated with a ballistic consultancy that all shots were fired downwards. We will appeal, aware that higher-level judges may have a different view and downgrade the crime”. In the meantime, the trapper wanted to make his voice heard on Instagram. With a post in which he publishes various images from yesterday, including a video in which he hugs the son Dracofruit of love with your partner Laura Maisano was born when he was in San Vittore.

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The images are accompanied by a long message in which Shiva explains that the condemnation comes «after just trying to defend myselfhaving suffered months of prison and having been forced not to be able to make music, which gave meaning to my life and which could at least allow me to remain a human being”. This is a “sad day” for him, writes the trapper, but also for his fans, “because Milan Angels, my new album is ready, but it can’t be released yet and I will have to stay away from you, as I have been in these months from many people dear to me”. Including his son Draco, to whom he had sent a letter from prison last November a letter: «Not being with you is the worst sentence“, she wrote a few days after the baby was born. Adding: “I will never forgive myself for this absence, but it will be one more reason to make up for it with all the love I have.”

Now the sentence of six and a half years in prison has arrived. And Shiva continues her social outburst: «This is a sad day for Justice in this country. Because in all this I never said I didn’t make mistakes, but I only asked to be punished for the ones I actually made.. Attempted murder is not among these, as we have proved in court, bringing an accurate reconstruction of the facts that testifies to it and that unfortunately has not been taken into account in the slightest. This is a sad day for everyone. And it will always be sad until we allow those who have made mistakes to start over. It will be sad until prejudices continue to come out of the house, when the truth is still hiding. It will be sad until I am free, because neither will those who love me, nor those who hate me. Because luck is blind, misfortune sees us, but injustice affects everyone. Because as long as I’m just another rapper in prison and not a person, no one will be free.”

Shiva will continue to serve his sentence under house arrest pending the next levels of judgment. But his lawyers have already announced that they will file a request to revoke the precautionary measure. And announcing an appeal against the first-instance sentence, they have pointed out: «Andrea is a strong and courageous boy”, who reacted to a “paramilitary expedition of two MMA fighters. He is aware of his innocence and convinced that he will be able to demonstrate his innocence in the crime of attempted murder.”

Shiva, the photos posted on Instagram after the conviction

Shiva's photos posted on Instagram after sentencing

Shiva, the photos posted on Instagram after the conviction

Source: Vanity Fair

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