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Shocking attack by a raging bull on a spectator who was fiddling with his mobile phone in Spain

On August 30, during the “bou embolat” (bull with balls) event, in the province Alcácer, of Valencia in Spain, a runner was attacked while looking at his cell phone. According to the shocking images cited by the New York Post, Mr Tauruswith flaming balls attached to its horns, is seen rushing towards the young man, who is on his phone at the time.

The man sees the bull, literally, at the last moment. Of course, it is already too late… In his attempt to escape, the man stumbles and falls down, with the bull trampling him. Spectators scream. Miraculously, the young man manages to get out of the situation unscathed.

Organizations for animal rights they protested strongly: they dressed in dinosaur costumes and held placards that read: “Bullfighting is prehistoric.” Activists said the purpose of their protest was to show that the events could be held without cruelty to animals. “Bullfighting is the long-standing ritual execution of bulls, and many tourists who come to the bullfights don’t realize that the same bulls they run down some streets are killed later that day in the bullring,” said Chelsea Monroe, chief digital campaign officer for PETA, to the Associated Press.

Source: News Beast

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