Shocking images of thousands of immigrants waiting under a bridge in Texas

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Thousands of immigrants are waiting under a bridge in Texas USA to be arrested by the border guards and the images captured by the drone are shocking. In fact, according to information that saw the light of day on Thursday, the number of immigrants in this area doubled overnight and now exceeds 8,000.

The drone images, recorded by Fox News, show the sea of ​​people immigrants, most of whom are from Haiti, under the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas, and sources tell the US network that the situation is “out of control” at the point.

There were about 4,000 migrants on the bridge on Wednesday, but the number soared overnight to 8,200, according to US media.

Officials told Fox News that most are from Haiti and more and more people are arriving.

The striking images come a day after Fox News reported that there were more than 200,000 migrant registrations at the southern border in August.

The 208,887 registrations in August are less than the 212,000 in July but still represent an increase of 317% compared to August 2020, when 50,014 and 233% were recorded compared to the same month of 2019, when 62,707 were identified. Immigrants.

Republicans have blamed the White House for the border crisis. “It’s Joe Biden’s fault. Kamala Harris is to blame for this. “This is barbaric,” Senator Ted Cruz wrote on Twitter.

And Sen. Lindsey Graham blamed Biden for managing the border. “With all the chaos created in the world by Biden’s irresponsible foreign policy, it would be easy to ignore the problems on our troubled southern border. “I have not forgotten the failed border policies pursued by President Biden,” he wrote on Twitter.

Recently published and the picture with a small child and his baby brother rescued from almost certain death by border guards in the USA. The brothers were found abandoned on the banks of the Rio Grande and their published photo breaks hearts.

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