Shocking testimony about the earthquake in Turkey – “There was chaos all around me”

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The killer earthquake of 7.8 Richter in Turkey has cost the lives of thousands of people and a Turkish journalist described the dramatic moments he recorded, with people coming out of the wreckage, where several had lost their lives.

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THE Mahmut Bozarslan (Mahmut Bozarslan), a VoA journalist, was at home in the Diyarbakir region and as he told the Athens News Agency, it took him seconds, he says, to jump up, get his family out of the way and rush to another area , where a building had collapsed to do his report.

Others were crying for their own people trapped in the building, others were emerging from the rubble unable to believe they were alive, others prayed silently, with tears in their eyes. There was chaos all around me,” he said characteristically.

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Chaos reigned immediately after the earthquake. Everyone who managed to leave their homes was on the street or in their cars as it is winter and cold. When I arrived at the specific point, I saw with my own eyes about 20 people coming out alive from the wreckage through the utter destruction, injured people being transferred to the ambulances and people running left and right looking for their relatives”, says Mahmoud.

He himself was one of the lucky ones, since his house, a two-story house near a village in the area, withstood many Richter storms and remained standing. “I was at my house. I was awake, I hadn’t slept even when the earth started shaking I took my family and we all went out immediately. My house is two stories, I don’t live in an apartment, nor in a big building. Even though it’s not a tall building, it shook to the foundations, while the buildings that didn’t last were mainly the ones with many floors,” he says.

Source: News Beast

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