Shocking video of baby being grabbed from supermarket pram – Parents had their backs turned

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The shocking moments when a woman grabs a baby from a supermarket trolley, while the parents have their backs turned, is captured by a video that has come to light from a store in South Africa. Another similar incident had occurred two weeks before.

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In the video, a woman can be seen walking calmly down his corridor Super Market in Port Elizabeth and when she reaches the 23-year-old mother and 28-year-old father’s pram, suddenly, she takes the baby in her arms.

The woman – who was arrested before she could leave the supermarket with an alleged accomplice – then walks away from the scene.

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Moments later the parents turned around to put some food in the cart and saw that their daughter had disappeared. They started screaming for help.

The father quickly ran to the door of the store and informed the security guard that they had grab the kid of. A woman then approached the father in despair and showed him his daughter in her friend’s arms, claiming “it was all a joke”.

The parents, who do not know the two women aged 51 and 56, grabbed their daughter back and called the police.

Both women were arrested on suspicion of attempted kidnapping and taken to the police station, where they insisted they were “just joking”.

The incident comes just 18 days after a similar one, with mother-of-two Danielle Wolff posting security camera footage of the moments her little girl was grabbed from a store.

Source: News Beast

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