Shonda Rhimes on the legacy of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and if the end of the series is near or not

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Shonda Rhimes knows exactly what she wants to happen with Grey’s Anatomy. After 18 seasons, the series seems to have a promising future. However, the creator of the hit character Meredith spoke about the series’ possible end and what the future holds for the doctors at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital.

During an interview at the Woman Of The Year awards Variety, the writer, producer and creator of series such as Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder He confessed his love and admiration for this project, although he also admitted that the end of the series could come much sooner than we thought.

I have written the end of this series about eight times. I always feel indecisive about the ending, so much has happened. Am I the person who will decide when the show ends? Yes. And I take full responsibility for when and if people get angry. Of course, I will not be the one who chooses how that last scene is recorded.

On the other hand, Rhimes spoke about the legacy he has left Grey’s Anatomy which, thus far, holds the title as the most prolific series on ABC television, as well as the longest scripted program. But, for the successful writer, the most important thing is what the story has left in the memory of the viewers.

escena de 'Grey's Anatomy'

The number of people who have approached me to say that they learned to do CPR or knew when someone was having a heart attack thanks to the series, is magical for me. Sadly, I think the legacy is simply having made it possible for people of color to have the opportunity to work on camera on television.

Although the end may seem near, currently Rhimes is not the main director of the story of Grey’s Anatomy, since, from season 14, she decided to leave executive control to Krista Vernoff to focus on her massive contract with Netflix, from where she was born Bridgerton, one of the most successful series on the platform.

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