Short girls have a lot more punch and science tells you why

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Are short women more likely to find a partner than tall women? A study conducted in the UK says yes.

But what exactly is this due to? It turns out that a short girl is considered more adorable, in need of protection and makes men feel much more masculine. On the other hand, a taller woman can intimidate them. Yes, what things!

The ideal “height”

Couple with their backs walking down the street, he wears a brown leather jacket while hugging his girlfriend who wears a brown jacket over the shoulders

Research carried out by the Open University indicates that girls who are between 1.51 and 1.58 meters tall are more likely to marry and have children before the age of 42.

They also have their preferences

Korean couple posing in the street, she in a long military green dress and a black sweatshirt and he in a black sports outfit with black converse

The study also notes that women also prefer men much taller than themselves. According to the researchers, a boy of 1.83 meters is more likely to have a partner and children than a man with a height of 1.77.

Who cares!

Wedding couple getting married on the beach with the sea in the background

This curious study was made with the intention of analyzing the true reasons why men and women are attracted, but …

It is not an absolute truth

Tall white girl posing with her boyfriend in a selfie in front of the mirror
It’s just a study done on 10,000 people. We are millions in the world! Fortunately, there is a lot of diversity in couples who love each other for who they are, regardless of physical complexion, skin color and, much less, height.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re taller than your boyfriend or you crush. Long live love!

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