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Siblings died of cancer within hours of each other in the same hospital bed

Two brothers died of cancer on the same day in the same hospital bed in her Paraíba province Brazila few hours apart.

Francisco Antunes Sobrinho, 52, was diagnosed with bowel cancer in May 2021. A month later, his 4-year-younger brother Eduardo was diagnosed with liver cancer.

Eduardo’s condition suddenly worsened and he was rushed to a local hospital. He was hospitalized for four days and finally passed.

The younger brother, Joao Andunes Neto, a bus driver, was arranging the details of Eduardo’s funeral by phone with his family when Francisco was rushed to the same hospital. Just a few hours later, he died in the same bed.

Joao told local media: “They were so close that they died in the same hospital bed. This is one of the greatest moments of suffering in my life and in the life of my entire family.”.

The brothers were buried at the Santa Cruz State Cemetery, just 24 hours apart. Mayor Paulo Cesar declared three days of official mourning in the city.

Source: News Beast

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