Sidewalks and streets in Myanmar painted red in memory of those killed by the junta

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Opponents of the junta painted in red paint Myanmar streets, sidewalks and bus stops in Rangoon in honor of the hundreds of “martyrs” killed by the army during the crackdown.

Some 570 people have been killed since February 1, following a military coup that toppled the Aung San Suu Kyi government. Meanwhile, security forces have arrested about 3,500 people, of whom almost four-fifths are still being held, according to a statement from the Association for the Aid of Prisoners of War (AAPP) today.

Protesters in Rangoon woke up early in the morning to take to the streets and paint them red. “The blood has not dried” someone wrote with the paint, as broadcast by AMPE.

A slogan written at a bus stop was addressed to ordinary soldiers involved in the bloody crackdown: “Do not kill people for a small salary, as low as the cost of dog food.”

For the past two months, there has been anger in Myanmar over the military coup that violently ended a brief period of democratic and economic reform. Some protesters have called their movement a “spring revolution” characterized by marches, non-violent protests and acts of political disobedience aimed at paralyzing the state apparatus.

In the meantime, Russia today rejected the possibility of imposing sanctions against the junta in Myanmar, estimating that they will be useless and will cause a “large-scale civil conflict” in the country, where the bloody repression of pro-democracy protesters continues.

“In the current situation in Myanmar, the development of threats and pressure, including the use of sanctions against the existing authorities, is useless and extremely dangerous,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said, according to Interfax.

“These arbitrary, coercive measures are counterproductive and have a destabilizing effect on the system of international relations,” the ministry continued.

Considering that the sanctions “will push the Burmese people towards a large-scale civil war”, Moscow also announced that it would continue its military cooperation with the junta for the time being.

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