Simplify IT operations via SD-WAN ‘Easy Button’

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The pandemic ushered in a new era in the workplace enabling us to work from anywhere. But it also sparked increased demand for the cloud, accelerating the need for WAN transformation and SASE usage.

Traditional WAN architectures are inefficient, expensive to maintain, increase the workload of IT and spoil the end user experience. In addition, the outdated nature of these WANs lacks end-to-end control, automation and analysis – thus slowing down the digital transformation of the business.

Instead, SD-WAN is a cloud-based service that optimizes development, integrates management, and improves the user / application experience – requiring significantly less cost than expensive private MPLS connections, etc.

“Painful” processes that previously required intensive work to implement – including automated network optimization, event correlation and active recovery – can now be managed without the need for manual intervention.

Here are five ways VMware SD-WAN helps IT teams take their efficiency to the next level and ensure network connectivity:

1. Improved functions

Using a policy-based solution, VMware SD-WAN ensures that the network meets the business needs of the organization by setting parameters that apply to all branches.

In addition, the solution reduces the burden on the team by providing zero concern for the secure connectivity of the branches and the rapid integration of new locations.

2. Flexibility

To improve network flexibility, VMware SD-WAN splits Management Planne, Control Plane, and Data Plane, allowing the movement of “intelligence” located in data level – at a programmable control level.

The management level simplifies the day-to-day operations of the IT team, creating a flexible architecture that meets the requirements of modern applications.

Simplify IT operations via SD-WAN

3. Independence of transport

Operating independently of any powerful circuit (eg MPLS, DSL, VDSL, 4G / 5G, etc.), VMware SD-WAN can be used by an organization without having to make changes to the current network infrastructure.

To deliver top performance and secure connectivity, the solution dynamically selects the right path for each application, allowing the IT team to accurately design connection cost and performance parameters.

4. Improving the performance of applications

Regardless of the location of the employees, VMware SD-WAN ensures optimal performance and availability of applications.

Utilizing the dynamic, intelligent link steering system, the solution helps the IT team to automatically direct the traffic based on the requirements of each application and the respective business policy.

By incorporating data indicating bandwidth, latency, and connection quality, traffic can be redirected in real time, eliminating data loss for sensitive applications such as voice and video.

5. Network optimization and self-healing architecture

Artificial Intelligence for Information Technology (AIOps) uses AI (artificial intelligence) and Machine Learning to minimize the day-to-day workload of IT teams. AIOps collect data directly from the infrastructure, analyze it using the above two techniques in order to automate actions and suggestions for preventive maintenance work.

It also provides Detection, Isolation and Restore errors to manage application problems that prevent users and applications from running smoothly.

In addition, it’s almost real-time monitoring of user experience (User Experience) and dynamic customization of network policies using self-healing and self-optimization.

About Performance Technologies

Performance Technologies has been certified as a VMware Principal Partner, the highest level of collaboration in VMware Partner Program. The Company has all the technical certifications and has proven its capabilities in evaluating, designing, implementing, managing and supporting modern Software Defined Data Centers & Networking solutions. In close collaboration with VMware since the early 2000s, it has gradually established itself in Greece as the “specialist in Virtualization” and Cloud Services Building & Automation, having designed, executed and supported projects that utilize these technologies in large companies and public organizations , and acting as a trusted consultant in IT infrastructure transformation using virtualization and private and public cloud services .. Performance is the official VMware subcontractor for services in the above technologies in Greece and is an official VMware training center for Greece and Cyprus. As a VMware Authorized Training Center (VATC) it provides vocational training and certification services in all VMware technologies and solutions.

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