Skam 5: here’s everything that could happen in the new season

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We’ve all been in suspense ever since Netflix announced Skam 5 will be there. Obviously we don’t know much more than the fact that the production has started and that the writers are already at work, but then waiting to have some other news (or rather: a certain release date), we can try to collect the pieces and imagine how things could go.

The last season, we know, ended with the long-awaited journey of maturity in Salento. So, picking up where we left off, it’s safe to think that the new episodes will accompany the protagonists in a new chapter of their life: the university. Sure, some of them will move out Roma to pursue new goals and ambitions, while others may stay in the capital and weave relationships with other characters. So, maybe, there could be a passing of the baton between the old and the new generation in which the first, at least some element, will be a bit of a background in the next episodes.

Based on other clues, we can likely think that there will be 11 episodes: a must for all odd seasons of Shame. However, the main question is one: who will be the protagonist of the new season? Based on what happened in France and in Belgium – the only two countries that, compared to the others that bought the original Norwegian idea, have more than four seasons – it is very likely that the focus of everything will be Elijah, played by Francesco Centorame. In fact, if we think about the last few episodes, his character has come out quite in the open, especially in relation to You.

Another fairly accredited thesis circulating online, much pushed by fans, instead would like it to be there Silvia to hold the strings of the narrative. Greta Ragusa, who plays the girl, has always been a secondary character, but nevertheless fundamental and it could be interesting to see if the transition from adolescence to adult life will help her to lose all her insecurities and frailties.

Otherwise why not mess everything up and follow the model of Skins and dedicate each episode to a different character and then conclude all the subplots in the season finale? The showrunners and the writers have not yet pronounced themselves on the matter, indeed everything is proceeding in a fairly top secret way, but I’m sure they will also carefully read all the comments online and the hypotheses of us fans.

For example, I wouldn’t mind having a season dedicated to Silvia which I learned to love with the progress of the episodes because, at the beginning, it was not really one of my favorites. And you? Who are you cheering for?

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