Slime Simulator Time 2.22

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Slim simulator is a colorful and relaxing slime simulator that will certainly calm the nerves after a busy and difficult day.

Everyone knows what a slime is, but not everyone had to hold this masterpiece of the toy world in their hands. In fact, the thing, of course, is useless and not multifunctional, but what a wonderful anti-stress it is! All you need is to crush the mysterious stretching substance in your hands, and you yourself will not notice how all bad thoughts will fly away. You can add sparkles, polymer figurines, all kinds of pebbles, beads, rhinestones and much more to slimes. It is mixed with dyes and even with lipsticks!

And now you have such a thing in your gadget. You can create your own slime and crush it to your heart’s content. It will not shrink, deteriorate, or collect all the dust in the house. Just enjoy the process and pleasant sounds, achieve complete zen in a matter of minutes!

Features of Slime Simulator:

  • Colorful graphics;
  • Wonderful slimes;
  • Ability to create your own slime;
  • Relaxing sounds;
  • A dragging process.

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